ABOUT US - Cooperativa Central Aurora Alimentos

What We Do

Cooperativa Central Aurora Alimentos exports to an average of 80 countries, spreading to all continents. It is the result of a work started in 1993 when it exported for the very first time. Complying with global food requirements and standards, in addition to being reference of quality food in Brazil, it increasingly consolidates as an internationally respected and recognised brand.

Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken Wholesale Supplier

Frozen Beef

Frozen Beef Exporter to Hong Kong, China, UAE etc

Frozen Pork

Global Frozen Pork Distributor


We stands out by the excellent quality standard of its products, this quality, that begin in the countryside, is provided through advanced technical assistance to the rural producers, orientation about planning, organisation and growth, besides the programs that seek for animal handling, nutrition and genetics improvement. In the industries, there is a strict quality control in all process, in addition to a continuous improvement in the production lines, aiming to attend the most rigorous international regulations. AII of that allows Aurora to promote customer satisfaction our growth, producing and exporting quality, safe and authentic food through continuous process improvement, compliance with legislation and employee training.

Customer Base

Our customers are mainly buyers and importers from wholesale, industry, restaurants, retail and food service. We offer customised packaging as per your wholesale and retail requirements.